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In Her Own Time

Legacy Series, Book 2

About This Book

Lia Battelli’s life changed the day she met the daughter that she’d given up twenty-three years ago.

After a lifetime of guilt, she’s desperate to live her life in a way that honors her daughter. In order to do this, she’ll accept the gifts her wealthy daughter has given her, moving to the quaint Tuscan village she’d known as a child.

In Italy, Lia attempts to live out her dream of owning a restaurant—of getting her life back on track, but when a man from her past shows up, she finds herself battling secrets once again, secrets that threaten to keep her from ever finding true happiness.

Telling him everything is a risk she must take if she has any hope of moving on with her life—and maybe, if she’s so lucky, she just might also find true love in the process.

This book is available in paperback.
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