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Christmas in Tuscany

A Legacy Series Reunion, Book 1

About This Book

It’s Christmas, a favorite time of year for the families we’ve come to know and love…

As Lia, Gigi, Blu, Jemma and Bella gather together in Tuscany with their loved ones, the holiday preparations are under way.

Meals will be enjoyed, friends will be consoled and they will share in the much anticipated birth of a new baby. Amidst all the excitement and busyness, the thread of love and family remains strong.

Join them this holiday season for a Christmas in Tuscany!

This book is available in paperback.
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Legacy Series:

Book 1: Buying Time
Book 2: In Her Own Time
Book 3: Matter of Time
Book 4: Taking Time
Book 5: Just in Time
Book 6: All in Good Time

A Map for Bella:

Book 1: Bella’s Hope
Book 2: Bella’s Holiday
Book 3: Bella’s Heart
Book 4: Bella’s Home

Legacy Series Reunion Books:

Book 1: Christmas in Tuscany
Book 2: Birthday Surprise
Book 3: A Summer Together