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A Map for Bella Series Bundle: Books 1 – 4

A Map for Bella Series Bundle: Books 1 - 4

About This Book

*** The Legacy Series is an emotional journey of family, friendship and love. This saga begins—and the legacy is set in motion—with Arianna Sinclair in “Buying Time.” A Map for Bella is the continuation of that series.

Bella’s Hope

Isabella Dawson’s entire life changed the day that she found out about the incredible gifts her biological mother left her—gifts that would give her the finances and the courage to go after her hopes and dreams.

Along with her good friends Jemma and Thomas, she’s ready to go on a journey that will bring with it great adventures, successes and also some challenges along the way.

Bella’s Holiday

After months of travel, Isabella is excited about spending Christmas in Tuscany with her entire new extended family—if only she wasn’t leaving London with things being so completely weird between her and Thomas.

The kiss. She can’t seem to put it out of her mind. It had been a mistake, she was sure of it—unless…it hadn’t been a mistake at all.

This was the crazy thought running through her mind constantly, despite the fun she was having catching up with everyone at her grandparent’s villa.

In order to fully embrace her family and being together, she’ll try to put it all out of her mind—she’ll try to put Thomas out of her mind and move on from what has happened between them.

But will their relationship ever be the same again?

Bella’s Heart

Isabella Dawson so badly wants to feel excited about her move to New York City to be with the love of her life. But something is troubling her.

A nagging doubt continues to haunt her until an unexpected gift arrives in the mail, giving her the confidence and permission to pursue her dream of travel—trusting in the belief that her relationship can withstand the physical distance that will be between them.

Her time away holds the promise of self-discovery, but mistakes will be made and secrets kept that could cost Isabella the one who means everything to her.

Their relationship has bounced back from issues between them in the past, but do they have what it takes to move on from the resulting hurt of Isabella’s decisions? Or will her choices cost them everything?

Bella’s Home

A legacy of wealth, family and love…

Five women bonded together because of one young girl’s hopes and dreams for each of them.

Throughout the years, they’ve been there for one another, and once again, they will gather in Tuscany to celebrate.

Isabella Dawson and Thomas Jordan cordially request the pleasure of your company on the joyous occasion of their marriage…

Legacy Series:
Book 1: Buying Time
Book 2: In Her Own Time
Book 3: Matter of Time
Book 4: Taking Time
Book 5: Just in Time
Book 6: All in Good Time

A Map for Bella:
Book 1: Bella’s Hope
Book 2: Bella’s Holiday
Book 3: Bella’s Heart
Book 4: Bella’s Home

Legacy Series Reunion:

Book 1: Christmas in Tuscany
Book 2: Birthday Surprise
Book 3: A Summer Together